Sunday, February 8, 2009

Glass Etching

These are two glasses I etched while I was at Delta Phi Scrappa as well. Yes I know I spelled the word Coctail wrong. I did it on purpose, kinda like having one too many cocktails and you can't spell anymore....LOL The glass on the left has the DPS flower with some polka dots. I put the vinly on and then etched the rest of the glass.

More Vinyl Frames

These are two other frames I made the same day. Can I just say I love working with vinyl. I like making things with vinyl more than scrapbooking right now...Can you imagine that...LOL?
I made the Life frame with one of Joann's files from the store. All the vinyl I used came from That's Scrap Inc. as well.

Vinyl Decorating

Here is a picture frame I made in Minnesota at Delta Phi Scrappa. Kim's boxer's name is Bowser. I was terrified of poor Bowser when we first got to Kim's. Terrified to tears as I am of all dogs. But before long Bowser was in my lap and my new friend.